What our clients say about translation services

What our clients say about translation services here in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere. Translation and interpretation services, read what our customers say about website and document
translation, localization and conference interpreting services in Malaysia and Singapore

Some of our most renown events involving simultaneous interpreting were:

    • 2001 World Assembly of Youth Congress (WAY)
    • 2001 International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) AGM Kuala Lumpur
    • 2003 United Federation of Travel Agents Assoc. (UFTAA) World Congress Kuala Lumpur
    • 2004 International Federation of Basketball Associations – (FIBA) Congress
    • 2008 World Congress on Information Technology – WCIT Congress Kuala Lumpur
    • 2009 United Sates Departement of Agriculture (USDA) Seminar Singapore
    • 2009 United Nation Conference on Climate Change – UNFCCC – Singapore
    • 2010 Shell PMTDR Congress Kuala Lumpur
    • 2010 General Model United (GMUN) Nations Lumpur
    • 2011 International Bar Association (IBA) -Workshop, March Kuala Lumpur
    • 2011 International Union of Architects (UIA) Board Meeting, June Singapore
    • 2011 Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly-(FSC)June, Kota Kinabalu
    • 2012 World Gas Congress, WGC 2012 – June
    • 2012 International Planned Parenthood Federation – IPPF Congress, September
    • 2012 MDR-Tuberculosis Reduction Conference, November
    • 2013 Elanco Greater China sales meeting, January
    • 2013 ICAO Experts Meeting January Singapore
    • 2013 International AIDS Summit – July
    • 2014 US Department of Defense (DoD)– Non Proliferation Awareness – February
    • 2014 Asian Football Federation (AFC/FIFA) Seminar – June
    • 2014 II Asian Metropolitan City Summit – June
    • 2015 Global Food Safety Conference 2015 – March
    • 2015 Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Training Workshop – April
    • 2015 International Anti-Corruption Conference -side meetings – September
    • 2016 International Table Tennis Federation ITTF AGM – March
    • 2016 Cities World Summit 2016 – Singapore – July
    • 2016 II Rare Diseases Asia Congress – November
    • 2017 AIEA Counter-proliferation Seminar EUSEAC, March Karlsruhe, Germany – March
    • 2017 UNDP Green Commodities Seminar – Bogor, Indonesia – October
    • 2017 International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) World Congress –November
    • 2018 World Tuna Congress – Bangkok, Thailand – May
    • 2018 Global Network for Disaster Reduction –GNDR World Congress May
    • 2018 Interpol & International Olympic Committee Sports & Integrity Joint Workshop – October
    • 2019 8th Summit on Arts & Culture – March 2019 Novartis Nurses Training Seminar – August
    • 2019 UNESCO Asia-Africa Inter-Regional Seminar on SDG 4 – September
    • 2020 World Lighthouse Congress -IALA 2020 February
    • 2020 Prelude Event to World Tuna Congress 2021 – October (RSI)
    • 2020 Badminton World Federation ( BWF) AGM – Denmark (HSI)
    • 2021 GNDR Regional Workshop – May (RSI)
    • 2021 Tuna World Congress May Bangkok (RSI)
    • 2021 FAO Regional Workshop on Tilapia Health – October and December (RSI)
    • 2022 FAO Regional Workshops on Fisheries – March-November (RSI)
    • 2022 UNDP International Women’s Day – United Nations March – RSI
    • 2022 Badminton World Federation (BWF) AGM – Bangkok Thailand -May- (HSI)

« B-Lingo provided the Language Services and Events teams at Shell with an all-round service that was professional, efficient and effective. It was also great to have a focal point on site as it helped us to manage the interpreting side of the proceedings both before and during the event – this was especially important given that a total of 8 languages were involved, including English, Thai and Mandarin »


“I would be happy to recommend B-Lingo Communications.”

“B-Lingo was able to provide excellent interpretation service for our event and was very flexible and easy to work with.”


« We have been engaging B-Lingo services since 2007 and we are very satisfied with their performance. We strongly recommend their services to anyone seeking high quality, accurate and prompt translation services »


« Allow us to sincerely thank you for the excellent service that B Lingo Communications provided to our event last week in Kuala Lumpur <https://www.interpol.int/News-and-media/News/2018/N2018-121>. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team of dedicated professionals……..Looking forward to working with you in the future »

« About the interpretation services, my feedback couldn’t be better:

1.-Nothing was lost regarding content of speeches

2.- Speed. (….) you were all as fast as it can!

3.- You were all very punctual and always there when we needed (…) »


“We were very happy with the service we received from you for our Kuala Lumpur meeting in 2008 and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”


« Thank you for your work (………) on the translated documents. Noted the expertise of your agency in the other languages too and it will be one of our potential resource center »


« We in CIKL are extremely happy with the quality and professionalism of the services rendered by your team during the April meetings in Subang. We hope to engage your services in future when needed »


“Upon my return from Kuala Lumpur I had made my first priority to address you just to express my warmest congratulations for the excellent professional services rendered to us during the Referees’ Congress” ….. ” should any of my colleagues visit that country rest assured I shall recommend your services to them.”


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