Translation French-English & English to French

The first international language in the West, French has been extensive translated into other languages, while France has been a producer and net exporter of interpreting talent; today, one entire AIIC region is composed merely of France.

Anybody seeking French to English & English to French translations has come to the right place; translations are normally processed in-house, or with translators found mainly in Malaysia, France, CH, MENA, West Africa, Canada or elsewhere, depending on the intended target audience and to capitalize in the time difference. A member of our personnel or someone else in our pool of local editors and proof-readers would carry out the revision of the translated text before sending for a final check back to original translator, once duly revised to our satisfaction, the translated text shall be released to la clientele.

French to English translation and localization projects that are large or convoluted would always require the engagement of a Translation Project Manager that is able to handle well teamwork, coordinate workflow and consistency in delivery required from team members, especially if it is part of a larger multilingual translation project, for instance. The said project manager shall be one of us at b-lingo.com
Translations are no longer expected from text to text but from medium to medium; as a result, our translation services are not limited to those involved written text but also audio or video content that can be transcribed and translated into French or English, as the case may be, for subsequent translation, subtitling or voice-over work, if required.


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