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Simultaneous Interpretation & Events

Simultaneous Interpretation services in Malaysia and Singapore

B-Lingo provides Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services in Malaysia, Singapore and rest of Asia Pacific for events, conferences & business meetings via online platforms or presential. Contact us today +60193262582.

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Simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia available in:

Simultaneous interpreting is sometimes called simultaneous translation by the general public. Since before the pandemic, we have been offering hybrid solutions for multilingual events, combining presential and remote interpreting teams to best fulfill the linguistic needs of participants.


Interpretation Malay – English  /  English – Malay

Interpretation Japanese – English / English – Japanese

Interpretation Mandarin – English / English – Mandarin

Interpretation Spanish – English  /   English – Spanish

Interpretation Korean – English / English – Korean

Interpretation Arabic – English  / English – Arabic

Interpretation Turkish – English / English – Turkish

Interpretation Thai – English / English – Thai

Interpretation Russian – English / English – Russian

Interpretation Urdu – English /   English – Urdu

Interpretation Portuguese – English / English – Portuguese

Interpretation Indonesian-English / English-Indonesian

Simultaneous interpretation services in the said languages can be provided by resident interpreters in Kuala Lumpur and main cities in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak. Likewise, interpretation services are also available in Singapore and main cities in South East Asia and the Far East ( Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Hanoi, HCMC, Bangkok, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, & others ).

Singapore conference interpreting is a very important part of our activities. The Singaporean business fabric demands simultaneous interpreters that meet world standards while the pool of conference interpreters in Singapore is quite small. But some of the best ones are in our pool and we can easily cater to the linguistic needs of any client that may require the said interpreting services in Singapore, whether simultaneous, consecutive or summary interpreting. We have participated in countless international events in the Republic, both for the public and private sectors.

Interpreting services in Malaysia, Singapore or elsewhere come at a premium, given the reduced pool of reliable conference interpreters in the region for some language combination, thus we often have to fly them in from other countries beyond the Asian region, or arrange a hybrid solution for both interpreters and recipients alike.

 In our pool you would find conference interpreters from Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas, many of them qualified and accredited by professional interpreters’ accreditation bodies such as AIIC, NAATI, or ATA, some with specialized knowledge and track record in niche sectors like marine sciences, medical & pharma, tax and finance, etc. 

We have a strong personal bond reinforced by years of cooperation in many conferences and events;  see our testimonials page for a better idea of the mettle and quality of some of those conference interpreters we engage and the kind of interpreting services we could afford to the most discerning clients, such as you.

We can thus guarantee world-class conference interpreting services in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere.  World-class quality interpreting, presential, remote or in a hybrid format.

In accordance with the standards set internationally and the recommendations of some of the said professional interpreters’ bodies , daily rates apply, as well as travel and other allowances. Contact us for details regarding prior briefing and documentation, specific settings and the technical requirements of the interpretation service. All inputs are treated with utmost discretion and considered confidential. We fully subscribe to the Code of Ethics incumbent upon federated and non-federated professional interpreters worldwide.

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B-Lingo Interpretation’s main events

B-Lingo Communications has provided simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia and Singapore since 2001. Some events in which we have provided the said interpreting services in the past  include:

2001 World Assembly of Youth Congress (WAY)

2001 ITTF Congress Kuala Lumpur

2003 UFTAA World Congress Kuala Lumpur

2004 International Federation of Basketball Associations – FIBA Congress

2008 IDRC Congress Kuala Lumpur

2008 World Congress on Information Technology  – WCIT Congress Kuala Lumpur

2009 USDA Seminar Singapore

2009  United Nation Conference on Climate Change – UNFCCC –  Singapore

2009 COPCA Educational visit – Singapore

2010 Shell PMTDR Congress Kuala Lumpur

2010 Consumer International Congress Selangor

2010 General Model United Nations  Kuala Lumpur

2011 International Bar Association -Workshop, March Kuala Lumpur

2011 International Wrought Copper Council Technical Seminar March Kuala Lumpur

2011 Brocade Asia Pacific Regional Meeting March Kuala Lumpur

2011 Africa-SEA Business Council, April Kuala Lumpur

2011 International Union of Architects Board Meeting, June Singapore

2011 Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly, 25 June – 1 July, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

2011 VDMA Workshop, Muar, Johor, October

2012  World Gas Congress, WGC 2012 –  June

2012 MF3, June

2012 IPPF Congress, September

2012 Elanco Asia-Pacific Meeting, September

2012 Postal Services Conference – TPO Conference, October

2012 MDR-Tuberculosis Reduction Conference, November

2012 VDMA conference & workshop, November

2013 Samsung Electronics site visit, January

2013 Elanco Greater China sales meeting, January

2013 ICAO Experts Meeting Singapore, January

2013 Dell Security Summit, February

2013 MIFB 2013 June

2013 SAMBO Martial Arts Congress June

2013 Customs and Border Protection Service- Australian High Comm. Langkawi-  June

2013 International AIDS Summit – July

2013 KPG (International Postal Alliance) CEO Meeting – Singapore July

2013 RRG World Congress-Lake Toba, Sumatra Indonesia- September

2013 GPF & AFI Congress 2013 – September

2013 OIC Biz Event and Exhibition – September

2013 FIATA Congress – Singapore – October

2013 Sandia Laboratories Chemical Safety Protocols – December 2013

2014 US Department of Defense – Non Proliferation Awareness –  February

2014 Official Visit of Court of Appeal Judges from Qatar- March

2014  II Asian Metropolitan City Summit – June

2014 Alliance for Financial Inclusion AFI Training – Yogjakarta, Indonesia July

2014 Japan International Cooperation Agency seminar – August

2014 International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery  Congress- September

2014 Spanish Parliamentary Commission – December

2015 Islamic Conference  on Sufism – January

2015 Experian Asia Pacific Sales Conference – February

2015 Global Food Safety Conference 2015 – March

2015 Los Alamos National Laboratory Training Workshop – April

2015 Sandia Laboratories Counter-Proliferation Workshop – May

2015 Los Alamos National Laboratory Training Workshop – May

2015 Los Alamos National Laboratory Training Workshop – June

2015 ICAO Chief Executives Forum CAAS Singapore – August

2015 International Anti-Corruption Conference -side meetings – September

2015 International Atomic Energy Agency Workshop – September/October

2016 Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak,(currently in prison for corruption), Budget re-calibration announcement – January

2016 Los Alamos National Laboratory Training Workshop 0 February

2016 Computer Software Association of Japan Seminar @ MDEC – February

2016 International Table Tennis Federation ITTF AGM – March

2016 Asian Football Association Grassroots Seminar – March

2016 Department of Commerce USA – CLDP Seminar – March

2016 Zurich International Congress – March

2016 HESS Oil Rig Safety & Security Seminar – April

2016 Visit of Cuban Spokesman from Ministry of FFAA to ISIS Malaysia – April

2016 Defense Service Asia (DSA 2016) – April

2016 UNI Pro Regional Meeting – May

2016 Cities World Summit 2016 – Singapore – July

2016 Joint Action Network 2016 – July

2016 TNC Medical Hearing Aid Technology Asia Pacific Sales Meeting – July

2016 Los Alamos National Laboratory – Train the Trainers Workshop – August

2016 Trade Mission – the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil – September

2016 International Islamic Tithes Congress – JB – November

2016 AFC Women & Football – November

2016 II Rare Diseases Asia Congress – November

2017 International Sufi Congress – January

2017 Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) – Human Rights Symposium – February

2017 AIEA Counter-proliferation Seminar EUSEAC, Karlsruhe, Germany – March

2017 US Food Corporation Inspection Visits to Japan (6 Prefectures) – March

2017 Los Alamos National Laboratory – Train the Trainers Workshop – April & May

2017 South-South Cooperation Seminar – Manila, Philippines  – May

2017 Union International des Architects (UIA) (Preparatory to Seoul) – July

2017 UNDP Green Commodities Seminar – Bogor, Indonesia –  October

2017 International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) World Congress – November

2017 Red Lobster Japan – Inspection visits by US-based team – December

2018 World Tuna Congress – Bangkok, Thailand May

2018 Global Network for Disaster Reduction –GNDR World Congress May

2018 Interpol & International Olympic Committee Sports & Integrity Joint Workshop – October

2018 Ministry of Industry of Tatarstan- Official visit to Johor – October

2019 8th Summit on Arts & Culture – March

2019 World Customs Organization  (WCO) Praesidio Workshop – March

2019 Visit by H.R.H Sheikhah Moza, from Qatar – April

2019 Manitou Inc. World Congress – Phuket, Thailand – May

2019 Novartis Nurses Training Seminar – August

2019 UNESCO Asia-Africa Inter-Regional Seminar on SDG 4 – September

2019 Educators’ Workshop-Ministerio de Fomento- Madrid – October

2019- Inspection visits for US-NGO – Johor and Selangor – November

2020- Royal Selangor Pewter Workshop- January

2020 – World Lighthouse Congress -IALA 2020 February

2020 – Royal Malaysian Customs  (KDRM)- Interviews April

2020 — NGO Fisheries June. ( Remote Simultaneous Interpreting )

2020 – DRB -Hicom Proton New Launch – Sept 20

2020 – NGO Prelude Event to World Tuna Congress 2021 – October ( RSI )

2021 – NGO Fisheries – January (RSI)

2021 – Sharia’ High Court proceedings  – April

2021 – GNDR Regional Workshop – May (RSI)

2021 – Infofish-BKK- Tuna World Congress May (RSI)

2021 – NGO-Italy – Veterinary Workshop on Acuaculture -June (RSI)

2021 – NGO-Senegal- Regional Workshop on Fisheries and Labour-June (RSI)

2021 – FAO Regional Workshop on Tilapia Health – October and December (RSI)

2022 – FAO Regional workshops on Fisheries Jan & Feb (RSI)

Appeals Court of Malaysia – February – presential

2022 – FAO Regional Workshops on Fisheries – March (RSI)

2022 International Women’s Day – United Nations March – RSI

2022 Sessions Court of Kuala Lumpur- Civil – April (RSI)

2022 International Sports Event – Spa/Fre/Rus/Ara – Bangkok Thailand -May- (RSI)

2022 Shah Alam High Court-Criminal – May-June

2022 Think-Tank seminar on conflict resolution 19-21 July (SI, Presential).

Simultaneous Interpretation Services, (Interpreters teams and Wireless Communications Systems deployed in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji, Bahrain, India, Japan, P.R. of China, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and Australia for international events such as summits & conferences, medical & pharma congresses, NGO seminars, training programs, workshops;

Interpreters deployed for manufacturing audits, court and legal cases, medical interpreting at hospitals, community interpreting at places of workship, prisons and detention centres and many other venues.

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