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B Lingo Communications Sdn Bhd

Translation and Interpretation in Malaysia & Singapore

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Translation is the communication of the meaning of a written text in a given language by means of an equivalent text in the intended language. It appeared around 2500 B.C., that is 4500 ago. However, translation is not the oldest craft in communications

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Interpreting antedates written translation and deals exclusively with oral communication by rendering a message from one language into another naturally and fluently, adopting the delivery, tone and convictions of the speaker and speaking in the first person. The only exception to this is Sign Language Interpreting.

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Other services

Besides translation, text & website localization, voice-over, dubbing, transcription, basic forensic linguistics & analysis as well as transcreation are some of the added services we offer.


Translation Services

We provide our clients fast and competent translation services in Malaysia in a wide range of domains, be it very technical translations, such as operating manual for the aeronautical or the O&G industry, or translation of bespoke software applications and marketing tools to novels or essays as well as translation of standard documents, like driving licenses, marriage certificates or academic transcripts. We can also provide certified translation accepted by the Immigration Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies in Malaysia and Malaysian embassies overseas.

Translation services are available in an assorted range of Eastern and European languages (more than 60 languages), not only vernacular languages of Malaysia, such as Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, Kadazan & Iban but also English, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Farsi, Burmese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Laotian and countless other languages. All translation  services in Malaysia  quoted would include proofreading by a second translator. In most cases, the translation process can be summarized as follows:

Translation (first translator)=>Proofreading (second translator)=> QC (back to first translator)=>release to client

Our team of translators, based in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world, are native speakers and all of them are highly qualified professionals specialized in different fields, from Aeronautics to Zen.

Interpretation Services

The provision of simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia and the S.E. Asian region is our core activity. Our interpreters in Malaysia, Singapore and beyond are entrusted with lowering the language barrier and enabling people who have no language in common to communicate efficiently. Consecutive interpretation services are also part of our daily work when simultaneous interpretation is not possible or needed.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services are available in a wide range of languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese and many more. All our conference interpreters are professionals with at least 5 years experience in simultaneous interpretation, many of whom had achieved international repute.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment is also available at, providing wireless headsets and interpreters’ booths for your interpreting needs during conferences and seminars. The combined result enables a seamless, real-time version of the proceedings, making possible to hold the meeting at a multilingual level.

Simultaneous Interpretation

About Us


Malaysia’s geographical location and social fabric make it the natural space for translators and interpreters keen to work in a multilingual environment where dozens of vernacular and foreign languages are used and translated on daily basis, the total amount of language spoken in the country being close to 140. Motivated by the desire to engage in the trade of translation that has been carried out in the region since ancient times, Alberto BALANZA set up B-Lingo Communications in March 2001, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
B-Lingo Communications have been providing high-quality services of interpretation and translation in Malaysia, Singapore and throughout South East Asia since then. More than 300 events and congresses and over 26 million words translated avail us.

We want to bring down language barriers


South East Asia is home to more than 600 million people and several multi-ethnic, multilingual societies. It is one of the most dynamic areas of the planet and a crossroads of trade lanes and civilizations perched between the Pacific and Indian Oceans where the use of exchange, dialogue and negotiation has been the basis for development, cooperation and conflict resolution since time immemorial.

B-Lingo’s main goal is to provide its customers the best quality service fast and efficiently. We not only offer translation and interpretation services in Malaysia, but also other services such as transcription and voice-overs.

Our clients include individual and corporate clients as well as the government sector. You can read more about our clients on our testimonials page.


What our clients say about us

“I would be happy to recommend B-Lingo Communications.”

“B-Lingo was able to provide excellent interpretation service for our event and was very flexible and easy to work with.”

Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey
FSA – United States Department of Agriculture

“We were very happy with the service we received from you for our Kuala Lumpur meeting in 2008 and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Davina Sams
Davina Sams

“Mr .Alberto Balanza ……. has been with the Federal Court of Malaysia since August 2001 until now and carry out his duties for all the courts in Malaysia concerning Spanish / Arabic / French languages.”

Mohammad Kafli Che Ali
Mohammad Kafli Che Ali
Senior Assistant Registrar

“Upon my return from Kuala Lumpur I had made my first priority to address you just to express my warmest congratulations for the excellent professional services rendered to us during the Referees’ Congress” ….. ” should any of my colleagues visit that country rest assured I shall recommend your services to them.”

D. Angel Maria Villar Llona
D. Angel Maria Villar Llona
President of the Spanish Football Federation and FIFA’s Vice-President

« B-Lingo provided the Language Services and Events teams at Shell with an all-round service that was professional, efficient and effective. It was also great to have a focal point on site as it helped us to manage the interpreting side of the proceedings both before and during the event – this was especially important given that a total of 8 languages were involved, including English, Thai and Mandarin »

Tom Hillstead
Tom Hillstead
Corporate Identity, Shell International Ltd – UK

« We in CIKL are extremely happy with the quality and professionalism of the services rendered by your team during the April meetings in Subang. We hope to engage your services in future when needed »

Dato Indrani Thuraisingham
Dato Indrani Thuraisingham
Head of Consumers International in Kuala Lumpur

« We have been engaging B-Lingo services since 2007 and we are very satisfied with their performance. We strongly recommend their services to anyone seeking high quality, accurate and prompt translation services in Malaysia »

Ms Stephanie Michael
Ms Stephanie Michael
KASS International Sdn.Bhd

« Thank you for your work (………) on the translated documents. Noted the expertise of your agency in the other languages too and it will be one of our potential resource center »

Datuk Azailiza Mohd Ahad
Datuk Azailiza Mohd Ahad
Head of International Affairs Division, Attorney General’s Chambers

« About the interpretation services, my feedback couldn’t be better:

1.-Nothing was lost regarding content of speeches

2.- Speed. (….) you were all as fast as it can!

3.- You were all very punctual and always there when we needed (…) »

Juliana Bueno
Juliana Bueno
Chairwoman, committee II GMUN

News and updates

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