Simultaneous interpreting and translation Equipment services in Malaysia

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Simultaneous interpretation systems

There are many types of simultaneous interpreting equipment used for simultaneous interpretation services, whether it is in a conference, a seminar, a workshop or any other settings. The most common are those using Infra Red and UHF technologies. Both Digital and analog systems are available but we use and recommend digital ones, to ensure greater accuracy, zero chances of eavesdropping and sound quality.

Both technologies are very stable and , in essence, perform similarly; the advantage of Infra Red is that confidentiality is easier to maintain, as the signal can’t be received outside the venue. On the other hand, UHF enables delegates to follow the proceedings even if they leave the venue for just a short while, so the narrative flow is not interrupted. The essential elements of this wireless communication are:

Wireless headsets

Bosch digital Infra Red headsets - Digital Audio CD sound quality.

Wireless Headsets

To receive the broadcast the audio signal to all over the venue and achieve full coverage of the proceedings for delegates and participants requiring simultaneous translation

Sound-proof booths

Insulated interpreting booths to deploy on site

Sound-Proof Interpreting Booths

To ensure interpreters work in optimal conditions and are insulated from the surroundings. CD Audio quality. Made in EU, 96% efficiency.

Transmitter, Radiators and Interpreters' Consoles

Ancillary equipment necessary for audio signal

and radiators

For an effective interpreting service, one needs to broadcast the audio signal to the headsets all over the venue and achieve full coverage for delegates and participants. One transmitter would emit the signal and the radiators distributed in the venue would distribute it, but only within the premises, in the case of Infra Red. UHF radio transcends the confinements of the close space and is best suited for assignments in the open set, like a factory visit or a small B2B meeting. For multitudinary events we can propose other formulae; inquire within for Next-Gen. Simultaneous Interpreting Systems

Technical AV Crew

AV technicians - ensure seamless bi-directional audio feed

Technical AV Crew

We always deploy at least 2 sound technicians and one site manager for simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia and Singapore when our equipment is deployed. Charges quoted are valid for work carried out in Kuala Lumpur. Ancillary costs for overland destinations would apply.

Next-Gen. SIS

Hybrid of Remote platforms for tailored events.

Next-Gen. SIS

For multitudinary events we can propose other formulae; inquire within for Next-Gen. Simultaneous Interpreting Systems

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