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General Translation services in Malaysia & Singapore for any type of document, medical report, website, essay at reliable rates; any medium, any domain. Contact us Today!

We offer translation in more than 70 languages

Such as Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, , Bulgarian, Burmese, Dari, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hausa, Hindi, Iban, Igbo, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Latin, Nepali, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese, among others. Being in the translation industry since 2001, we have curated our pool of professional translators, generic or specialists, over years of trial, mentoring and networking; today we are confident to be one of the oldest, most reliable LSPs in Malaysia and the region. Here in b-lingo.com we use either our in-house translators, translators based in Malaysia or further afield, to optimize the use of time. Often, our strategy consists in engaging translators located in parts of the world where the time difference enables us to prepare urgent translations on time. Our pool of editors and proofreaders would carry out the revision of the translated text before sending for a final quality control check back to original translator or in-house proofreader if available and, upon this final revision, the translated text shall be released to end user once it meets our own benchmark that includes seven (7) different parameters.

A wide range of Languages

Translation services of vernacular languages found in malaysia such as: bahasa malaysia, mandarin, cantonese, tamil, punjabi, hindi, urdu, iban and kadazan, besides

A wide range of Languages

Translation services of vernacular languages found in malaysia such as: bahasa malaysia, mandarin, cantonese, tamil, punjabi, hindi, urdu, iban and kadazan, besides


Our translation services in Kuala Lumpur, rest of Malaysia and beyond have been fulfilling the linguistic needs of our clients in the fields of:

Legal Translations and Legalizations

Law and Civil Administration

Translation of affidavits, arbitration proceedings, Powers of Attorney, brand name legalization, translation of documentation for patent application, S & P agreements. Certified translations valid in Malaysia, Singapore and overseas, accepted by MOFA, Courts and Immigration, JPJ , UK, India & Australia High Commissions and Embassies of Qatar, Spain, USA in Malaysia and many more

Medical & Life Sciences Translation

Medical Life Sciences

* Drug Protocols, Prospects * Medical and Forensic Reports * Adverse Effect Reports (AER)



Translation of tenders, bids on public works manuals, technical proposals, SoW's for: * Civil : Indra, Thales, PrasaranaKL * O & G: Petronas Bhd, Shell UK, Shell Malaysia, Shell Singapore, Technip (M), Air Liquide ( Fr.) * Mining: BHP Minerals

Finance and Banking


Translation of standard financial products and services, insurance, banking documentation Due diligence and KYC-related translation. Translation and conceptualization of recent established standards in Islamic Finance. Clentele include BNM, CIMB, MBB, OCBC, think-tanks like ISRA, IFSB, as well as private firms and individuals

Security and Counter-proliferation Translation

Security and Proliferation

Translation of operating manuals and other content for workshops and seminars involving border security, transnational crime, wildlife trafficking, counter-proliferation, sports betting, FTF's, penitentiary conditions and many others. Clients include AIEA, LANL, INTERPOL, WCO, UNODC, PDRM, JPM.

Sports and E-Sports

Sports and E-Sports

For their translation needs, many an international and local sport outfit count on our translations skills for their content. Some well-known clients include FIFA, BWF, FIBA, ITTF, and FC Barcelona. Lesser known include ITTF and FIFPRO On E-Sports the launch and promotion of " WhiteShark" gaming console

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