Translation Burmese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Bengali and other languages into English

Other languages besides the main international ones need translation in Malaysia. Among them are South and South Eastern languages like Burmese, Thai, Laotian, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and many more in demand for translation services.

Given that Malaysia is a net exporter of goods, its migrant and floating population can be counted in the millions; by some estimates more than seven (7) economic migrants live and work in Malaysia; chiefly among them are Indonesians but there is substantial need for translation into the following ones:

In many cases, translation of guidelines or company policies that need translation; in other morecases it entails a manufacturing audit process or in some delicate cases, individuals victims of TiP (Trafficking in Persons). Whatever the instance, our translation in these combinations would meet the most stringent requirements, not an easy feat given the scarce supply of good translators in some of these combinations and with the right profile and skills.


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