The world of interpreting has experienced a transformation since the Covid pandemic, enabling an already existing variant, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting or RSI to become the prevalent mode of interpreting via Internet when in-person meetings weren’t possible.

Fully Virtual of Hybrid Interpreting (RSI/HSI) is now considered Next Gen. Interpreting; presential or in-person interpreting is not going to disappear, however; what the interpreting world is experiencing is the integration of classic and virtual modes with the fully virtual mode to result in a hybrid interpreting, whereby some of the participants are present while others connect remotely to follow the proceedings.

For interpreters, it is also similar; sometimes is not cost-effective to deploy an entire team, maybe their virtual presence is enough to achieve good quality interpreting without incurring additional costs.

RSI entails three difference costs:

Likewise, for RSI there are some technical requirements for both interpreters and participants. Inquire within for briefing on the requirement your event may have for successful Remote Simultaneous Interpreting.

Since the advent of fast Internet connections, and with logistics and the economics of scale on the side of those who may need some interpreting in remote locations or for rare language combinations, b-lingo can offer remote interpreting solutions (Simultaneous or Consecutive) anywhere in the world. There are just some minimum technical standards to meet, and you would need to characterize your event for us so we can tailor a solution that works for you.

We have two main types of remote interpreting; fully remote, or hybrid RSI. Inquire within for further details regarding Remote Simultaneous Interpreting so can make an assessment of your needs and the will be able to share with you the technical requirements that it would entail to meet them.

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