Simultaneous Interpreting Mandarin Chinese English in Malaysia

Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka to English or Malay, our vernacular interpreters able to interpret several Chinese dialects into either Malay or English for Court appearances, exhibitions.

Demand for Chinese interpreting is in constant increase. With more than eight million Malaysians of Chinese origin, Malaysia is the natural environment for anyone interested in Chinese culture and civilization; although English is the language of business in Malaysia where no translation is necessary on day to day operations, a very dynamic workforce with strong work ethics is best empowered with the existence of a robust interpreting and translation corps around them. That is what b-lingo.com has been doing since its inception in 2001.

B-LINGO can provide you Mandarin to English interpreting for your event, regardess of the field of specialty; medical, legal, community interpreting or even ISL ( international sign language )t accurate, seamless interpreting Chinese to English & English to Chinese for workshops, conferences, seminars and any other venue. We have deployed in factories, churches, detention centres, conference halls and virtually anywhere where simultaneous interpreting is needed.


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