Simultaneous Interpreter Malay <> English Malaysia

Bahasa Malaysia is the only official language and, as such, demand for interpreting Malay-English and English-Malay is a language combination in the highest demand for simultaneous interpreting at launches, press conferences or any other official event.

Interpreting is provided in the court circuits for foreign detainees, always involving Malay interpreting into any target language, be it Arabic, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Khmer or any other interpreting combination. Arbitration proceedings are also carried out in both Malay and English, with both parties switching seamlessly between languages and thus requiring the presence of capable, versatile Malaysian interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

Court and legal interpreting is one of the most prevalent forms of simultaneous interpreting involving Malay. In civil cases, or arbitrations, conciliation or “suluh” both parties are free to choose their own interpreting provider, subject always to the Court’s acceptance of his/her credentials and capability. In criminal cases, the Malay<> English interpreter is provided by the Court itself and defendants are not require to source their own legal interpreter.

Besides verbal interpreting, ISL or international sign language interpreting is also available in Malaysia. We have seen during the times of pandemic how important was to lower the language barrier for the most vulnerable segments of the society. Persons with Disabilities (PWD), migrants and other marginalized collectives were most exposed to both health and misinformation hazards. ISL was instrumental in informing those with hearing and speech disabilities and countless lives were saved as a result of concerted action by the interpreting community. Contact us for a better understanding of your interpreting needs so we can tailor-made a proposal that meets your needs.

The pool of Malay-English interpreters is not as large as one would imagine, given the amount of bilingual Malaysians with a knack for languages. The fact is that only a handful of professional Malay interpreters are available at any one time for this language combination and most are always in demand, so early reservation of interpreters is a must to ensure reliable, accurate interpreting. We cover Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei with the said interpreting combination.


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