Translation Tamil - English & English to Tamil

The demand for translations into or from Tamil, is gradually gaining traction in the past decade, and although it is not an official language, is the lingua franca of many of Malaysians of southern Indian parentage.

Whether it is an official document from India proper that needs certified translation from Tamil to English, there is more and more legal requirements for some products and services like T&C, disclaimers, agreements, etc that required translation from English to Tamil there are many varieties, local, Sri Lankan and Indian Tamil. Currently Tamil is spoken by more than eighty (80) million people Tamil translation covers an assorted range of topics, from translation of manuals and MSDS to personal documents and forensic reports, translation Tamil to English & English to Tamil are normally processed by in-house translators, translators based in Malaysia or elsewhere. Many domains of specialized translators in law, Islamic finance, pharma, Science & Technology and countless other domains.

Translations are no longer expected from text to text but from medium to medium; as a result, our translation services are not limited to those involved written text but also audio or video content that can be transcribed and translated into Malay or English, as the case may be, for subsequent translation, subtitling or voice-over work.
Someone else in our pool of local editors and proofreaders would carry out the revision of the translated text before sending for a final Quality Control check back to original translator or in-house proofreader if- available and, upon this final revision, the translated text shall be released to end user. translation and localization projects that are large or convoluted would always require the engagement of a project manager that is able to coordinate workflow and consistency among the team members, especially if it is part of a larger multilingual translation project like the ones availed to us in Malaysia since March 2001.


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