Professional translation & interpretation services, malaysia and singapore

B-LINGO provides Translating and Interpreting Services. Our firm provides quality language services to help you communicate globally and efficiently in Malaysia, Singapore or anywhere else.

Professional Translation & Interpretation Services, Malaysia and Singapore

Here at B Lingo Comunications Sdn Bhd we provide Translation and Interpreting Services since March 2001; offering quality language services and helping others to communicate globally and efficiently in Malaysia, Singapore or anywhere else in APAC region, thanks to our wide network of specialized translators, interpreters and project managers. With our interpreting tech solutions, whether in-person, hybrid or fully remote, your options in language combinations and real-time, effective interpreting at your event are many and the language barriers are no hindrance to a successful meeting.


Who we are

Malaysia is the natural space for translators, interpreters and Language Service Providers (LSPs) keen to work in a multilingual environment with a colourful social fabric. Text to text, or medium to medium, our team has a long track record in enabling interpersonal communications.
B Lingo Communications Sdn Bhd is providing high-quality translation and interpretation services in Malaysia, Singapore and rest of South East Asia since March 2001, first as a sole proprietor enterprise and as a private limited company since May 2012


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Operations Executive & Translator


Director and Chief Interpreter


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Bethia Wong




Fazira Mohd Arif



What we stand for

Commitment to deadlines

Our firm guarantees fast delivery for translated documents of 5,000 words or less, with a maximum turnaround of 120 working hours from reception to delivery. Other conditions apply for larger files; editable files can be processed rather fast; scanned, not extractable document may required a slightly longer turnover time.
At any rate, before commencing a translation project, deadlines will be set and respected by both parties. When it come to quality translation services we are confident of beating our own deadlines and probably yours as well.

Accuracy and consistency

Different translation tools and up to seven parameters are used to ensure that the terminology is suitable to the context and consistent throughout the text. CAT Tools (Computer-Aided Translation) and extensive glossaries databases ensure that our translators, correctors and project managers can work faster and more efficiently. CAT Tools are very different from MT or Machine Translation, which is the automated mode currently in vogue. Visit our Blog for a batter understanding the difference between the two aspects currently revolutionising de translation and interpreting industries


All translation original material submitted for analysis or quotation is considered trade secret from the moment it is received and, pending confirmation of the service, the files will be stored off-line. Should the client decide not to engage our translation services, the files will be destroyed immediately. Likewise for translation or interpreting projects once completed, originals will be deleted after a short period. For large or sensitive projects, we strongly encourage clients to sign Non Disclosure Agreements with us for added reassurance. We are bound by professional ethics and contractual obligations, as set forth by Law, to safeguard our clients information. Material and briefs shared will be treated with utmost tact and shall not be disclosed to third parties and all digital and printed files will be deleted/shredded. Interpreters notes shall be returned to client at the end of any interpreting assignment if so requested. There are some sectors we abstain from working with, such as: tobacco, gambling, FOREX, MLM & direct selling industries.

Payment Options We offer

Our preferred mode of payment is via bank transfer. Please inquire within if the said is not your choice of payment. For small amounts you can pay online with Payeer , Boost, Touch & Go, Skrill and Paypal. No Bitcoin

Payment Options
We offer

Our preferred mode of payment is via bank transfer. Please inquire within if the said is not your preferred mode of payment. You can pay online with Paypal or any accepted credit cards.


Where to find us

Our main office is located at KL Sentral Business District, very close to KL Central Station. Our production office and collection centre is at Bangsar South.
We extend our welcome to all of you, clients and friends, at any of our addresses

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