Simultaneous Interpreting Korean <> English Korean Malaysia

With the opening of South Korea to the wider world in the late 80’s ensued an exponential socio-economic growth that translated in an increase demand for Korean interpreting services, with a very small pool of qualified Korean interpreters already living overseas.

Any Korean-English interpreting service in Malaysia or Singapore or the wider APAC region require interpreters with in-depth knowledge of Korean culture and sensitivities (For instance, Koreans resent being mistaken for Japanese, or being spoken in the said language). Korean interpreting is a world on its own that, after years of experience, we are able to help you navigate for a better understanding by your target audiences of the intended message.

Our firm can provide you Korean to English interpreting for your event in many specialized fields; medical, legal, community interpreting; accurate, seamless interpreting Korean to English & English to Korean for workshops, conferences, seminars and any other venue. We have deployed in factories, churches, conference venues and virtually anywhere where interpreting is needed.


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