Translation Russian-English & English to Russian

Translation Russian-English has picked demand in Malaysia since the starting of sanctions back in 2014. As Russia found western countries less business-friendly, they ventured, with the help of Russian translators, into other parts of the world in search for new markets and resources. As a result, the translation and processing of Russian text and communications in Malaysia became more in demand

Translators in Russia can’t be engaged nowadays due to banking sanctions and restrictions, which is regretful as many of our translators’ colleague live there and have no say in the current situation; it is unfortunate to state that a Ukrainian-Russian-English translator and interpreter who worked with us in some interpreting projects in Huelva and Madrid (Spain), involving Russian, Polish and English back in 2017, was mobilized several months ago.
More to the point, Russian to English & English to Russian translations are processed either in-house, or with translators found mainly in Malaysia, EU, or elsewhere; someone else in our pool of local editors and vetters would carry out the revision of the translated text before sending for a final check back to original translator, once duly revised to our satisfaction, the translated text shall be released to our client. We also count with a small pool of Russophone Ukrainian translators.

Russian English translation and localization projects that are large or convoluted would always require the engagement of a Translation Project Manager that is able to coordinate workflow and consistency among the team members. The said project manager shall be one of us at b-lingo.com and, if the said translation project manager is not available due to other commitments, we shall retain someone else with a good track record.


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