Translation Chinese - English & English to Chinese

With a Malaysian population of almost nine million citizens of Chinese origin, and China in full economic expansion Malaysia is truly the repository of Chinese linguistic variety.

Besides translation of local Mandarin, one may come across nine Chinese dialects spoken in the federation, many of whom require translation into English on regular basis. We process translation Mandarin English on daily basis and some of us at b-lingo are Chinese-speaking people; whether is Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien or even Teochew, your translation inquiry can be entertained in a dialect you are comfortable with. B-LINGO can provide you Mandarin to English translations in an assorted range of topics, from translation of manuals and MSDS to personal documents and forensic reports, translation Chinese to English & English to Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese, simplified or traditional).

Our pool of Mandarin translators is vast and versatile; some are specialists in legal translation, others in medical & pharma, some only scientific translations, others focus on translation of manuals or scientific literature from other languages into Chinese, which is pretty normal; the translation industry in China is in full expansion since early 00’s and, in its quest for knowledge, has generated an enormous need of quality translation produced into Chinese in the process. It is estimated that more than 500,000 people in China are involved in translation activities; however, the real number of competent, reliable Chinese translators may not surpass the five thousand, hardly enough to satisfy the appetite for translation China has now.

At the same time, due to China economic and strategic expansion, the Chinese authorities intensively promote the projection of soft power beyond China’s borders, for which good translation and interpreting from Chinese to other languages is an essential tool. Translations from and into Chinese is a world of its own.
Not all translations have to be based on this sole combination. Besides the Chinese<>English, we have others in translation, such as

Mandarin to English & English to Mandarin translations are processed either in-house, or with translators’ teams here in Malaysia, PRC, RoC, Hong-Kong, USA or Canada, to optimize the use of time and localize the translated text to the required target audience. Someone else in our pool editors and proof-readers would carry out the revision of the translated text before sending for a final Quality Control check back to original translator or in-house proof-reader if- available and, upon this final revision, the translated text shall be made available to the end user or client.
Mandarin Chinese translation and localization projects that are large or convoluted would demand the presence of a Translation Project Manager that is able to coordinate workflow and consistency among the team members. Sometimes the said may be just part of a larger multilingual translation project, like the countless other translation projects involving Mandarin that we have carried out in the past twenty years of translation and localization here in Kuala Lumpur, as well as in Singapore and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific Region.

Translations are no longer expected from text to text but from medium to medium; as a result, our translation services are not limited to those that involved written text but also audio or video content that can be transcribed and translated into Traditional/Simplified Mandarin, Cantonese or English/alternative language, as the case may be, for subsequent translation, subtitling or voice-over work.


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