Translation Arabic-English & English to Arabic

Arabic has been translated in Malaysia and the region since the advent of Islam back in the 14th century AD. As the lingua franca of commerce and exchange in many ports and lands beyond the Arab region, translation of Arabic into Malay or English continues to be a regular part of work in Malaysia and Singapore.

Arabic to English & English to Arabic translations are also processed either in-house, or with translators found mainly in Malaysia or GCC, MENA, Turkiye or elsewhere, depending on the intended target audience and to capitalize in the different time-zones available. Whether localized colloquial or MSA (Modern Standard Arabic). There will aways be someone in our pool of local editors and proofreaders that would carry out the revision of the translated text before sending for a final check back to original translator, once duly revised to our satisfaction, the translated text shall be released to whoever requested the said translation.

Our chief field of specialization in Arabic translation is Islamic Finance; many banking and think-tank institutions entrust us with translating their material from Arabic, involving Islamic financial products, services or compliance guidelines. As you may know, Malaysia is leader in the field of Islamic Finance and we can say without exaggeration that we have been part of the said endeavour since 2009. Is trailblazing translation, as many terms and expressions are coined for the first time for future use in the domain of I.F.

Arabic English translation and localization projects that are large or convoluted would always require the engagement of a Translation Project Manager that is able to coordinate workflow and consistency among the team members. The said project manager shall be one of us at b-lingo.com. usually our Director who is Arabic-educated and has taken particular interest in this arena from the start.


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