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Certified Translation


Certified translation in Malaysia is a very streamlined process where only a handful of accredited firms are able to offer it to clients.

Certified translation services can provide valid official translations of documents duly certified and recognized by:

  • Immigration Department
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Embassies accredited in Malaysia
  • Malaysian Embassies overseas
  • Other public institutions ( JPJ, MoF, MoE and so forth )

For Malaysian residents who need certified translations of their documents for the purpose of migration, we can obtain the said certification and advise them on the procedure to follow to ensure the validity of certified translation made in Kuala Lumpur, overseas.

For the legalization of translations certified overseas that need the endorsement of Malaysian institutions we can merely advise on the procedures once you obtain the certified translation from u;
We can never validate certified translations done elsewhere, given that Malaysian authorities seldom accept them; in most cases, the translations would have to be done and certified all over again here in Malaysia

Several Embassies and High Commissions in Kuala Lumpur list B Lingo Communications in their portals as an accredited provider of certified translations. Among them are the legations of U.K., Switzerland, Qatar, Ecuador, Algeria, Spain and several others.

Accredited translators, accurate certified translations, your documents are safe in our hands

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