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Translation Services

Translate English to Malay, Translation Services in Malaysia and Singapore

B-lingo – We provide professional translation Services in Malaysia and Singapore, our professional experts are fast and 99% accurate in over 60 languages in Malaysia.

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What can we offer ?

Having seasoned, professional, accredited translators and proofreaders on- hand.
Utilizing Translation Memory and Terminology software to further enhance consistency throughout your documentation. Recognizing country-specific dialects during translation and localization of the the target language accordingly. Proofreading by applying  20 different evaluation parameters.

Resulting in:

Accurate and high-quality translations.
Natural, industry-specific wording appropriate for your product in the target country.
Consistent terminology throughout each document in a wide range of domains
In short, we can handle all types of translation, whether general, specialized, sworn, summary,certified or verbatim translations from and into an assorted range of languages in any domain. From engineering manuals, legal documents, manuscripts, user guides, MSDS, textbooks and company profiles  to audio transcriptions, art inscriptions and even stone engravings. Texts can be handled in any format and delivered in hard and soft copy.

We have a secure web-based glossary management system for customers with company-specific terminology requirements.

All our translators have been extensively tested. We rate translators on a range of key metrics on each job to ensure we always work with the best. Needless to say, all our translators are highly-qualified, accredited professional translators with at least five years experience in this industry and we make sure they only translate into their mother tongue.

B Lingo Communications Sdn Bhd can ensure fast delivery for documents of less than 5,000 words, with a maximum turnaround of 120 working hours from reception to delivery. For larger files, other conditions apply.

Our range of translation services comprise the following language combinations:

  • Translation Malay to English & English to Malay
  • Translation Mandarin to English & English to Mandarin
  • Translation Tamil to English & English to Tamil
  • Translation Korean to English & English to Korean
  • Translation Japanese to English & English to Japanese
  • Translation Arabic to English & English to Arabic
  • Translation Russian to English & English to Russian
  • Translation Russian to English & English to Russian
  • Translation Vietnamese to English & English to Vietnamese
  • Translation Burmese to English & English to Burmese
  • Translation Thai to English & English to Thai
  • Translation Spanish to English and English to Spanish
  • Translation French to English and English to French

And many others …

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