Aaron/Harun: Most consequential interpreter in History

Most people assume Moses/Musa spoke to God and to his people in the same tongue; but when he addressed the people of Israel, his fluency was so poor that he needed the help of his brother Aaron/Harun to engage them and to lead them out of slavery and into the promise land. Moses spoke native Egyptian language due to his upbringing among the elites at the Faraoh’s Court.
This may explain the diffidence some jewish people initially felt towards Moses; they couldn’t talk to him directly, only via his brother; some didn’t consider him “one of their own”, given that he didn’t sound or dress like them nor has he ever experienced the rigors of slavery at the hands of the State.
Harun was not only his interpreter but also his “cultural broker” of sorts.
Visiting the tomb of Aaron/Harun in Petra, Jordan, should be in the bucket list of any international interpreter or translator.

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