Avoid the road to dejection: hire through agency

When the best interpreting plans come asunder due to an error in judgement

How do you describe the feeling you feel when, after days of negotiating terms and conditions with a colleague interpreter you have never worked with, the very day of assignment you feel you have been cut loose, being ghosted by the same person who sounded so cordial just yesterday, feeling like you have to restart all over again while your client is on a plane to the destination where your interpreting would be needed but not provided for reasons beyond your control?

To me, the feeling is one of dejection; there is people out there who take time out of their schedule just to ruin other people’s prospects; either their inability to admit they dont meet the expectations or simply to indulge in the fine art of time-wasting, sometimes a thankless task to engage the right professional interpreter on your own. Hence we reckon the function of the LSP will never be redundant.

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