Avoid the road to dejection: hire through agency

When the best interpreting plans come asunder due to an error in judgement How do you describe the feeling you feel when, after days of negotiating terms and conditions with a colleague interpreter you have never worked with, the very day of assignment you feel you have been cut loose, being ghosted by the same person who sounded so cordial just yesterday, feeling like you have to restart all over again while your client is on a plane to the destination where your interpreting would be needed but not provided for reasons beyond your control? To me, the feeling is…

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The difference between Machine Translation and Computer-Aided Translation

Lots of clients seem confused by the terms MT and CAT, given that both terms sound quite similar and the lack of familiarity gives room tomisunderstanding; but the difference in results is very obvious Machine Translation is fast and cheap, but seldom accurate A very well-known example is Google Translate; the said translation is accomplished by feeding a text to a computer algorithm that would render the translated version in seconds. There is no human agency involved. It has several advantages, such as speed and cost, and it has been improving its accuracy in certain language combinations, such as Swedish…

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Malaysian Translation Agency linked to 1MDB Scandal

According to news reports , Institut Terjemahan dan Buku Malaysia Bhd (ITBM), a Malaysian GLC, is mentioned in the list of entities and organizations issued by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission ( MACC ) as recipients of funds originating from ill-fated sovereign fund 1MBD. The funds, disbursed in 2011 and amounting to 975,000 ringgit in total, ought to be returned to the MACC within two weeks from the compound notice issued to them by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. ITBM has issued a statement refuting any ill-intention or wrongdoing regarding the said emoluments. According to MSN News, the anti-graft body gave them…

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Working under pressure can be lethal: The case of Sin Hye-yong

North Korean interpreter sent to labour camp for mistranslating for Kim Jong Un during the failed Summit in Hanoi on Feb 2019: Most viewers are familiar with Trump’s Korean interpreterduring the first US-North Korea Summit in Singapore on June 2018.Her lesser-known male counterpart in the DPKR delegation was Kim Ju-song.However, the said korean interpreter was not present during the second summit held on February 27th & 28th; Instead, press and observers were told that President Kim Jong Un would be attending the gala dinner with a young female interpreter, Sin Hye-yong ( pic ).Upon return from Hanoi, the entire delegation…

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