8th World Summit on Arts & Culture

Kuala Lumpur was graced with cultural activists, artists, policy-makers and other stakeholders from the arts that gathered at a unique venue, KL PAC an abandoned railway station reconverted into a cultural space surrounded by tress and a lake.

Our teams of Spanish and French interpreters, that were brought in from Malaysia, Thailand and India, had a lot of preparatory work in their hands on account of the convoluted nature of the assignment that lasted from the 12th to 14th of March. For the first time in a very long time our teams found themselves reading social psychology and philosophy to prepare for the theme and spirit of this event, where the plenary session reunited more than 600 attendees from all other the world. The new Malaysia became the perfect background for an event oriented in increasing the visibility of the Arts and their importance in nation-building in the North as well as the South

Most sessions took place at the Plenary Hall but there were several breakout sessions subdivided by themes of interest or world regions; some of the said breakout sessions also had simultaneous interpreting.

Our teams received standing ovations and a lot of recognition on account of the difficulty of some sessions and the fluidity by which interpreters were able to deliver a real-time version of the proceedings.  We facilitated a total of 400 headsets and four teams of interpreters, two Spanish and two French. The floor language was mainly English

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