A week in the life of an LSP

Translation agencies, currently known as Language Services Providers or LSP, May not meet your definition of a typical office environment; besides the multiplicity of languages spoken from 9 to 5 in the office one must add the unpredictability of the day, as it is not unusual to have the most weird requests for language services:

One of the most unusual request of this year was the following:

A German husband and his Indonesian-born German wife were travelling in Malaysia the past month; she was expecting and, after spending a few bad days, decided to check with a doctor who informed them that they would induce labor and deliver the child here. She delivered a healthy baby shortly afterwards

However, Malaysian authorities refused to issue the newborn a proper birth certificate unless and until the parents proved that they were legally married. All their documentation, (German & Indonesian birth certificates, marriage certificate issue in PRC) has to be translated in a hurry from German, Indonesian & Mandarin to English and they were forced to lengthen their stay here for a while but, after spending several days in Kuala Lumpur, they have decided to move to Malaysia and start a new life here.

Needless to say, we also translated the newborn’s birth certificate from Malay to German!

Past week saw an unusual amount of activity in the field of community and industrial interpreting;

Our calendar looked like this:

  • Monday 15th: French-English interpreting at Magistrate Court
  • Tuesday 16th: Urdu-English interpreting with a relief organization
  • Wednesday 17th: Nepalese-English interpreting – factory visit
  • Thursday 18th: Urdu-English interpreting with a relief organization (cont.)
  • Friday 19th: Japanese- English interpreting for food manufacturing TNC

And what could the next one bring? For the moment we just have an inquiry for Monday to interpret at a press conference called by a big sports organization from Spain

And that is a typical week in the life of an interpreter or a consultant interpreter; one always starts the weekend with the satisfaction of having been able to lower the language barrier and improve the understanding and conflict resolution for a good amount of people

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