World Customs Organization INAMA Project

The fight against wildlife trafficking was the theme of the 2 days workshop held at the Academy of the Royal Malaysian Customs Academy AKMAL, located in the outskirts of Malacca city on 21st & 22nd March.

As it was an event sponsored by the State Department of the USA, UNODC, Interpol and other outfits, the presence of a team of competent French interpreters was an essential need to bring the language barrier down and enable participants and speakers from the French-speaking regions of the world to capitalize on their visit as much as possible. Working under very stringent working conditions and with no prior material available for the interpreters, on account of the confidentiality of the seminar, our SIS equipment, site manager and interpreting team were congratulated repeatedly for the excellent performance despite the logistic and thematic challenges.

Being a small meeting of like-minded people made simultaneous interpreting even harder, as the latency of the translated rendition has to be kept short in order to avoid misunderstandings among participants, which is no mean feat when arguments are thrown back and forth in hurried fashion.

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